Sophisticated Criss Cross Scarf Ring

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A fun, essential accessory for all scarf lovers! 
Our Sophisticated Criss Cross Scarf Ring opens up a huge variety of beautiful ways to wear your scarf, and let you create chic and stylish knots which stay securely in place throughout the day. 
Designed in X cross shape, it is easy to use and fun to play with. Simply slip your scarf or shirt through the loops of the scarf ring then pull the ring up, and to add a final and enhancing touch to your scarf.
Shimmering and durable as diamond, this simple, minimalistic accessory is made of top-quality alloy and top-quality rhinestones, making it lead-free and nickel-free for long service life. 

  • Sophisticated Styling :
    Opens up a huge variety of beautiful ways of wearing scarf to enhance your chic and stylish look with just one simple shirt

  • Infinity of Gorgeous Scarf Knots :
    Easily creates butterfly knot, half bow knot, cowboy knot, etc. to add a final and enhancing touch to your scarf, or even creates an elegant kerchief 

  • Easy To Use :
    Simply tuck your scarf or shirt bottom through the ring and pull it out from the other side for a long-lasting knock to stay securely 

  • Minimalistic Luxury :
    Combines the minimalistic elements and a slight spice of luxury; the shinny shimmery rhinestone will effortlessly add more life to your looks

  • Fashionable & Functional :
    Looks like a graceful X cross shape diamond ring while acting as an essential, versatile and fun accessory to style up your scarf

  • Premium Safe Materials :
    Made with lead-free, nickel-free, premium durable alloy and top-quality rhinestones!
  • Materials: Alloy, Electroplated Rhinestone
  • Size: 2cm x 3cm
  • Color: Silver/ Gold


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